Paypal is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system , Paypal was founded by Billionaire Elon Musk in 1998 in silicon valley .
Paypal extended their business to India by offering a virtual bank kind service , They cut 6.5% money as fee and process the payments to your bank account . It is reliable , Also widely accepted . Using paypal is the best way to get paid from foreign clients. Paypal offers lowest fees of 5-6% . Its cheaper than international wire transfer and also quicker than any international bank wire transfer.

Paypal helps Indian freelancers in getting paid from individual clients , But payoneer doesn’t support individual payments. Only upwork , freelancer , 99design and evanto payments are supported in payoneer.

Payoneer has limited present in India. They charge little less charges than paypal . If you want to get paid by any individual client from United states , You can’t ask him for payoneer payments.  Only paypal will work in this case.

Both paypal and payoneer are free to signup. Paypal account approval is much easier than payoneer.  Both requires pan card number. Paypal is more reliable  , Also it is quicker than payoneer.

Also paypal can be used as payment gateway. You can use paypal buttons on your website for getting paid for any edocument , plugin file , theme file , video course , ebooks and other stuffs.

As payoneer is not offering payoneer debit card in India , It is body without soul . So we are forced to use paypal as primary source of getting paid .

How to signup –

Paypal- Simply go to paypal homepage , click on signup and select individual account/business as per your requirement, Paypal requires one debit card or credit card , one bank account and a PAN CARD number. Where as payoneer only requires one bank account

Yes you can signup for more than one paypal account , But you have to add different bank account on each. Also you can add more than one bank account on each paypal accoun

In Both (payoneer and paypal) It takes 5-7 working days to get payment available  into your bank account.