As freelancer you have to work with clients from all over the world , There are hundreds of web host companies in India and thousands of web host resellers in India , So one who wants to become a good freelancer must know the top web hosting companies in the world.

I searched many blogs for a proper guidance about web hosting companies .All of them were promoting the web hostings only for getting huge commissions , But there is one blog which has conducted a survey about web hostings around the world and published thier report about top 2 web hosting companies in the world . I found’s web hosting Guide is the best guide to learn about best hosting companies , They did a proper research  , They asked many users about their experiences with web hosting companies and they published the report without any partiality

The Best Web Hosting

They conducted research on 15000 web hosting companies in the world , They selected top 201 and then they picked only top 3 hostings , This guide is a self learning guide for all the freelancers and bloggers who want to start their client’s website or their own websites .

What  are the benefits of this report- This report is a comprehensive web host guide for freelancers and bloggers ,  This guide will help you in deciding  the best web  host service for your website or blog . You can trust upon as they maintain research quality and conduct research on the huge database.

About – I am following their blog from last couple of months , They are very professional and provides best impartial reviews  , They conduct research and maintain high quality . They are based in Seattle, USA .