On 7th September , I got one call regarding a freelance web design work in Lucknow. Client requested me to meet him in Lucknow on 14th September ,  I booked my tickets in 13484 Farakka Express. Delhi to Lucknow in reasonably good weather is very comfortably doable in about 9 hours by road ( personal experience ).

When I got off the overnight train 13484 Farakka Express  that brought me to Lucknow from Old Delhi at 7.30 am that September morning, I felt like I was in a familiar place . Railway station was water logged due to heavy rains.for a few cities, the railway station is as iconic, as the city’s famed monuments. Lucknow is one of these few cities.

Platform was wet due to water seeping from roof.Since I had only one day in Lucknow, I packed in as much as I could by playing tourist and visiting some of its more famous sights. I tried to book Ola Cab from Charbagh to Mahatma Gandhi  Road , But driver initiated cancellation , I know the reason. A huge jam and water logging near charbagh . Also road was partially closed near burlington chauraha . So i started walking from charbagh to Mahatma Gandhi road .I followed the route


When it comes to Lucknow, so far from being the truth that nothing could be less true.. Wherever i looked – there were crowds , and more crowds. Milling about. In all possible directions. Chaos reigned. Like every other city in India. Well Lucknow metro construction is going in full swing . I hope in December we can see Lucknow metro trails.

As weather was not so good due to humid after rain , I preferred to wait in railway waiting room.  In evening at 7.30 pm , I boarded 13483  Malda – Delhi Faraka Express . and returned to Delhi.

Some random pics 

Water seeping Platform Number 4 Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station

Water seeping Platform Number 4 Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station

Station road

Station road . See the congestion due to metro rail work.

Charbagh railway station ,Foundation stone laid in 1925 . Water logging is visible .

Charbagh railway station ,Foundation stone laid in 1925 . Water logging is visible .

Auto wallas demanded Rs 160- 350 for 5 km distance , They thought that i am tourist , When i speak in awadhi ( dialect spoken in Allahabad ) They asked Rs 70-90  ( which is at par with Delhi auto fares) . But then i decided to walk , As weather was good ,with  no sunlight , slow showers  and less humidity.

Pros of Lucknow –

Excellent city . One of the best friend  ( Internet friend ) Lives here,  Wide roads , Metro construction on the way

Helpful police, Specially Lucknow Traffic police is very helpful . The Constable Sir Who was posted at 5D, Vikramaditya Marg Chauraha . He guided me to the exact location of UPAVP . The google map was showing wrong location .

Lucknow is well connected with capital of the country and major cities .

After meeting with client , I bagged the project and Now working on it.

 Freelancing Opportunities  – In Lucknow , You can approach real estate brokers , Tutors , Tee shirt manufactures for freelance  work. In lucknow you can get project worth INR 6000 – 30000 depending upon work and financial behavior of the client.

I have some leads , If you are based in Lucknow , Looking for freelance work , You can contact me via contact page.