From recent couple of month , freelancers are facing issues with upwork. There are many reasons behind this. So first i will write about past and then current situation .

Odesk era- Odesk was very good website with a reputation and it was trustworthy place for all kinda freelance programmers , web developers , content writers and graphic designers. Getting good and medium to high paying jobs were easy on odesk.  Odesk was win win type website for all kinda freelancers. But soon after  buying elance and  taking decision of merging elance to odesk and creating a new website call upwork. The website performance decreased drastically

Upwork era- Now upwork started as bigges online marketplace with 9 million users. They started cutting wings of freelancers by implementing worst rules. Now low quality  employers started using freelancers without paying reasonable wages.

Profile rejections- Some of the my blog’s visitors applied to upwork by seeing my post regarding benefits of freelancing  . They got clear rejection even after completing 100% profile. Upwork told them that there are not enough jobs related to your skill sets. They clearly sidelined the talents .

Hike is project fee- Upwork hiked the project fee to 20% , which is just double. Major freelancing websites charge 5%-10% except people per hour which charges 15% as project fee. It is one of the main reason of migration of many freelancers to other talent marketplaces. Also they charge a $1.99-$25 for wire transfers. Which makes it unsuitable for small jobs and most of the jobs on upwork are under $200.


So now we have very less options left. Only few websites which are not good in terms of payment protection. So simply what we can do

  1. Getting our profile approved on upwork.
  2. If you are already on upwork then search for good paying clients.
  3. Learn more skills . Try to make teams , so that you can do multiple jobs.
  4. Always work with reputed employers
  5. Avoid low pay , low budget jobs. Always bid on jobs above $200.
  6. Learn fluent English , so that you can communicate with your clients on calls. Many clients now prefer whatsapp , viber and skype for calling , They hate to type.
  7. Always treat all employers equally , Don’t discriminate them on basis of race or country .

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