Social media has become an essential part of most Internet users’ daily routines. Users find friends,
communities, and information on different networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can use these social networks to increase traffic to your website and enhance its visibility.
Further, social network followers can help build links to your website by sharing links among friends
or linking directly to your website. Understanding the social media market and how to engage with
website followers can help you gather more followers and expose your website to a larger audience.

Build a Professional Profile The first step that you need to take is to build a professional profile. The social
media profile is your springboard to starting your website promotion. When audiences see that you have a professional profile with useful updates, they will likely follow your page on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. When you build your website profile on social networks, make sure to include accurate descriptions and information about your website, including the important keywords.

Understand Your Audience
Each niche in the market has its particular audience and special characteristics. To increase the exposure of your business profile, you need to understand what type of followers you have and their needs. For example, if you
provide training materials and your audience is mostly students, you would add instructional updates, tips, and
challenging questions. Also, recognizing your audience can help you identify the best social website to start with to
promote your business.

Use Personal Language
One of the important issues to consider when posting in social networks is using personal language and communicating with your audience with a direct tone. Personal, friendly language suits social media audiences
and encourages followers to respond to your updates using social networking tools such as Like and Share. However, you need to avoid using a casual tone that may not suit some audiences, especially ones in different countries.

Consider Frequent Updates
The frequency of your updates refers to how often you post on a social network page or profile. It is very
important to keep the audience engaged with regular updates, which can vary from several updates per day to
several updates per week. Too many updates can have a negative impact because it may annoy your audience and turn out to be spam-like messages. Making one to four updates during the day is a safe number that ensures good exposure.

Build an Engagement Strategy
Strategy is very important in social media marketing and it can help you gain more exposure in social networks.
An engagement strategy includes building continuous interaction with your audience using content that you
can run directly through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Further, you can ask followers questions and build discussion threads. Continually interacting with your followers helps promote your page or profile because the friends of your followers will see their updates and shares about your page.

Use Different Media
While text content is the king in SEO, images and video can increase the number of followers of your business
page or profile significantly. Each social network website has specific media users can interact with. For example,
Twitter depends mainly on text updates while Facebook uses image and video shares. Further, social media sites
such as Pinterest depend mainly on images.