This question was asked by Suhani Jain . She asked me this question on quora. So i am compiling the list of best websites for online work .

  1. Upwork  – This is of the best platform for freelancing , If you know any web development or SEO or have a great content wrtiting skills  , You can make money from this website.
  2. Freelancer – Freelancer is one of the biggest freelance plaform , which offers all kinda freelancing jobs both online and now locally . Projects related to web development , photography , content writing and SEO. are available .
  3. Peopleperhour- Here you can sale online hourlie offers , Like creating website for $$$ . Also grab jobs related to web development .
  4. Toptal – This website pays much higher than other websites . Apply to this website if you want to work for MNC remotely . Here is signup link SignUp
  5. Fiverr – Oldest and favorite platform for all kinda freelancers who want to make money . Nothing is required except talent. Post you gigs and make money via selling them. Competition is very high.
  6. Rent a coder – A less user base website but you can try it if you love to code. Very few projects.
  7. Udemy – If you can teach , Try this website , create courses and make huge money , On average instructors at udemy makes $8000 a year. Few instructors made over $1 million per year.
  8. Blogging – Do blogging on fashion , new technologies and affiliate marketing . Make money via google adsense and other ad networks.
  9. Goarticles – If you are good content writers than use this website to showcase your writing capabilities . You may get good projects or offers. This website promotes free articles .
  10. Amazon – The easiest way to make money . Use amazon affiliate program.  You can make thousand of rupee via sharing product referral links , Amazon will pay you for each sales. It varies from 4% and above of total cost of the products.
  11. Hosting affiliates – Many hosting affiliates payys over $50- $200 per sign up. You can make money via creating hosting affiliate blogs.
  12. Youtube : You can create your channel for free and make interesting videos. Youtube will give you name  fame and money. Many companies can hire you for promoting their products. Or you can earn money via youtube ads. Many people promotes cosmetic companies products on their youtube channel  .
  13. Warrior Forum – This forum is useful for digital marketers who wants to sell their services , If you know digital marketing you can sell here.
  14. Digital point forum – Same as Warrior forum , Digital point offers same services , You can sell your domain names , website here.
  15. Flippa- Flippa is good for web flippers. If you have any website making decent money , You can sell it here . You can sell it for  40 X net profit per month  easily . Many  entrepreneurs love to buy profitable sites or sites with unique designs.
  16. Online teaching – You can teach languages , programming or skills to your audience from your website. Many one course or bunch of courses are available on personal websites.

I hope all these will help you in making money online. Feel free to ask me for any help via contact form or whatsapp.