When you need help on an important software engineering project, the last thing you want is to waste precious time looking for a dependable engineer on your own. Hiring a software engineer comes down to a few major factors: cost, efficiency of the hiring process, quality of the talent, and your working relationship with the engineer. With those qualifications in mind, here are the top five sites that will make your next search a breeze:

1. Toptal 

Out of all the hiring sites in this list, Toptal’s screening process is by far the most intense–that’s really good news for you. Toptal only selects the top 3 percent of applicants to its network, screening everyone who applies with English language and personality tests, live exercises with senior engineers, and finally, a test project. While hiring a quality engineer may be a crapshoot with other sites, with Toptal, you can be pretty certain you’re hiring both a talented and a dependable engineer every time. Toptal also offers a personalized, white glove matching service that takes the tedious work of resume sifting out of the hiring process. Toptal’s team will discuss your technical requirements, goals, and company culture, and then hand-match you to one or two Toptalers who best fit your needs. Toptal also offers a two week trial period. If you’re not satisfied with your match, you don’t pay. What do you have to lose?



Hirable promises a large community of amazing developers that are searchable by skills, location, and availability. On the site, you can identify certain software engineers with whom you’d like to work, see if they are “busy,” “hirable,” or “hirable soon,” and follow them so they’ll be on your shortlist for future projects. Hirable’s team will notify you when your favorite engineers are available to work. That said, part of Hirable’s network is still in beta, and having only been founded in 2014, they’re relatively new on the scene. With it’s social networking spin, it’s growing into a large and unique community that lets you get to know each developer on a more personal level. Hirable is definitely a site to watch.


If you have a relatively simple project and you needed a software engineer about five minutes ago, Freelancer is the hiring site for you. Freelancer promises that you’ll receive competitive bids from their freelancer network within minutes of posting a job. Developers in the network will bid the price down which means you’ll get the job done for a pretty low cost. While this system makes Freelancer very attractive pricing-wise, the quality of work you tend to see coming out of bidding sites is far more inconsistent than with elite networks like Toptal that do their own screening. That said, if maintaining your bottom line is your priority, the project isn’t too complex, and you’re willing to take a slightly larger risk on your software engineer’s talent and fit, head on over to Freelancer.


Guru’s global network of over 1.5 million, well, gurus, provides no shortage of talent for your next software engineer search. Guru even offers its users a tracking and collaboration tool called Work Room, which your whole team can use to create agreements, define goals, delegate tasks, communicate, and share documents, all in one place. Guru also passes the risk test–you only pay if you’re 100 percent satisfied with the final product. Such a massive network of freelancers, though, can be daunting, especially if you’re short on time. You can post a job for free, but you’ll have to sort through all the profiles and resumes of the freelancers who apply to your job. If you have a background in software engineering and have the time, energy, and desire to control the whole process yourself, Guru may just be the hiring platform for you.


True to its name, PeoplePerHour lets you search for what they call “Hourlies,” or fixed price offers coming from developers who are ready to start work immediately. For example, a freelance software engineer might offer to make, test, and solve bugs of an Android app for just $10 an hour. You can also post a job and let freelancers come to you, or seek out specific freelancers and contact them directly. Again, you might run into the same problem of having to spend precious time sorting through the sheer volume of freelancers out there. But if you just need a quick fix without breaking the bank, check out PeoplePerHour