Something to remember as you embark on this journey toward SEO is that it is not going to be easy. Just when you think you have it figured out, the search ranking algorithm will change. If you’re lucky, the change will only mildly affect your search rankings. However, if you build your site to please search engines, it’s more likely that your search rankings will be turned on their head.
That’s one reason why it’s vitally important that you build your web site with users in mind first, and then search rankings. Ultimately, search engine designers take cues for the changes they may make from the behavior of searchers. Therefore, if you’re constantly vigilant and attending to your visitors’ needs, your web site won’t be as affected by changes in the search engine algorithm.
It’s still a lot of work to reach this level of user-friendly design. Some people assume a few tweaks here and there are all they need, but unless your site is very well designed to start with, hours into your separate SEO efforts.
Scheduling SEO efforts
Because SEO is so much work, a good way to manage it is to schedule daily time into your routine for SEO efforts. Of course, this is after the initial implementation of SEO. Initially, SEO should be done during the build of a new web site, or it can be built into existing sites if they are not new constructions. However, if you’re building better SEO into an existing site that’s poorly optimized, then be prepared for a major site redesign. SEO is a holistic approach to improving your search engine rankings. As such, it requires attention to your whole site. It does little good to optimize portions of your site and leave other areas lacking the same attention to detail. If you’re going to SEO your site, do it right and make sure you hit all of the elements as you go.