Pavan is one of the best upwork freelancer , With 100 percent success rate , He is very hard working guy. I dont know him personally , Also i am unknown to him. But why i am writing this post for him?

The reason is , We have worked with same client , We worked on same project which was psd to wordpress for one  lawyer  , The client is 5 star rate client on upwork , He awarded the job to my friend , I helped him in creating the website , But my friend dropped the project as client was not creating the atleast 50 percent of milestone. He created only $1 milestone for $600 job.

After closing the contract , We never bother to contact the client , But we found the project re posted and a guy hired by him. After 2 weeks , we found project re posted again by the client , We checked the reviews of the client  and found this

Most rude client and too cheap. I have completed his work: and get project but now he made some stupid reason that work is not done. He don’t want the issues to be done and had not paid anything only $1 for whole work. Warning everyone, don’t ever work with these kind of people.

this review was given by Pavan , Client cheated him , He did an excellent job , He created the whole website from scratch , He coded the website very well , It was responsive. A true $1000 work was done by the freelancer Pavan.

When we checked the profile of Pavan , We found

Freelance unresponsive behavior for so many. Not stand on his commitments. He is done this previously with another clients too. Thinking clients are working for him. Why Upwork should do something like these freelance. Very Unlike Freelance on upwork.

Freelancer’s Response

These selfmade stupid reasons. Why don’t you accept that you are a cheater and don’t want to pay my money. I’ll think that I donate money to you. Enjoy 🙂

But as i worked with the client i know he is telling lie.  Well ,Pavan can explain it better , I welcome Pavan to write his experience on my blog .
Now question arises , How to save yourself from such liars , I am sharing some points.
1. Never work without 50% advance .
2. If you are working on your server then never deliver work without full milestone  , If you are working on live server or clients own server , Then never  work without full milestone.
3. Always keep communication with client .
4. Keep all chats limited to chat and messages of upwork , pph or freelancer , from where you got the project.
Second question arises ,Why upwork and other platforms are not taking actions against such clients
1. Upwork or all other platforms always trust clients opinion .
2. Chargeback issues are not in control of upwork and other marketplaces.
3.If you are newbie then always start with low budget projects.
Update: Upwork is looking into the matter, I appreciate the quick response. I hope they will solve the matter.