Your website is the most important element in the search engine optimization (SEO) process. You can optimize a well-built website easily and it will get a high ranking by default. A poorly structured website may be impossible to optimize and your SEO efforts may not help it reach the top of the search engine results. Thus, it is important to prepare your website before applying any SEO steps

Find a Website Niche

Before you start to build your website or choose the name, you have to determine your website niche or your business category. Finding the niche can help you to create a clear vision of the website’s structure, content, and organization. Also, it will give you ideas about the type of visitors you will have and how to design the website and the content to meet their needs. Websites in some niches have to be built in a specific way, such as is the case for e-commerce and news websites.

Compare Focused and General Interest Websites
Typically, there are two types of websites: those that are focused and those that address a general interest. Focused websites center on specific topics, such as iPhone cases or design jobs. While these types of websites are easy to
optimize for search engines because they focus on one topic, it is not always easy to achieve the required target, especially if the website is a niche website with few visitors. General interest websites, such as the buy-and-sell websites and news portals, include a variety of content from different sources, which makes it harder to optimize them. At the same time, they are not as risky as the focused websites because they include different content categories.

Determine What Audiences Need

The audience or the website visitor is the most important factor that you have to consider when you design your website, build it, add the content, and optimize it for search engines. You have to understand the website visitors’
needs and how they will interact with the website. This information can help you determine the best website structure and content to use.

Consider a Product Website Placement

E-commerce websites and websites selling specific products are focused sites that require a special consideration with optimization. You need to focus all your SEO tactics to help the website appear at the top of the search engine results when a user types a specific product name or related words in the search field.

Establish Your Website Content

Website content varies according to the purpose of the site and its business target. For example, content on e-commerce websites focuses on product information, reviews, and image previews for the product. Tutorial and training websites include articles, images, and video websites such as YouTube focus primarily on video content.

Generate Revenue

There are many ways to generate revenue from your website. One is to sell a product or service to website visitors,
which is considered e-commerce. If your website gets a good number of visitors, you can also turn traffic into revenue by including advertisements with your content. Deciding how to get revenue from your website depends on multiple factors; for example, you need to consider how advertisements will impact visitors’ satisfaction with your