Getting paid from third party marketplaces like upwork , freelancer is costly , You ended up by losing over 25% money due to marketplace fee and other charges. This huge loss turns your profitable project into a low paying job with low profit margin. Usually a freelancer always take atleast 70% profit on every project. ( At least in my case)

If you work for a client who is based in Canada or United Kingdom directly , Not via upwork ( which charges 20%) or freelancer (which charges 10% )or people per hour (which charges 15% )Then what is the best way to get paid without losing much money.

Let say you are working for GBP 100 (Great Britain pound ) project .  Then via paypal you will get around  INR 7600

if as per current currency exchange rates are 1GBP= INR 82 , Then you loose over Rs 600 in paypal . Here is one of my recent transaction record . One client paid me GBP 100  for designing 3 page static website.

paypal charged 4.6% as paypal fee for this transaction

paypal charged 4.6% as paypal fee for this transaction

So in short you lost around GBP 9.5 or say you get only  GBP 90.5 out of GBP 100 . If you got this project via Upwork then you must get only GBP 74-77 in your hand. Similarly from freelancer you may get only $87 and via people per hour , You will get around GBP 80-82.

Now come to WorldRemit – My client used it many times to pay me money. They work quickly , You can get money with few hours to within 2 working days ( of your bank). They charge 1.99% ( If payment sent from GB)or $3.99 ( in case if payment sent from US ). It means you will get around GBP 96 ( by cutting all other charges like exchange rates etc) Or INR 8048 . Here is the transaction screenshot.


World remit charges GBP1.99 or US $ 3.99 AS CHARGE

The world remit is one the safest and quickest way . If your client is unable to pay via paypal , you can ask him to use worldremit .

The money you get via worldremit  will be shown in your bank account like this

WorldRemit Pay

WorldRemit Pay

WorldRemit works in selective countries , But It covers all major EU & North American countries , So it is very helpful to get payments from majority of clients .

Other ways like wire transfer is good only when amount is bigger than $1000 or INR 65000.

Some other ways to get quick payments –

You can use western union money transfer ( But this wont work for freelancer payments)

You can use Payoneer which is one good alternative. Read my article over Payoneer . Why paypal is better than Payoneer  

I hope this article will help you.