Keyword PPC programs are the most common type of PPC program. They are also the type this book focuses on most often. By now you know that keyword PPC programs are about bidding on keywords associated with your site. The amount that you’re willing to bid determines the placement of your site in search engine results. In keyword PPC, the keywords used can be any word or phrase that might apply to your site. However, remember that some of the most common keywords have the highest competition for top spot, so it’s not always advisable to assume that the broadest term is the best one. If you’re in a specialized type of business, a broader term might be more effective; but as a rule of thumb, the more narrowly focused your keywords are, the better the results you are likely to have with
them (and PPC costs much less if you’re not using a word that requires a $50-per-click bid). Did you know that Google and Yahoo! have $100 caps on their keyword bids? Imagine paying $100 per click for a keyword. Those are the kinds of keywords that will likely cost you far more money than they will generate for you. It’s best if you stick with keywords and phrases that are more targeted and less expensive. The major search engines are usually the ones that come to mind when you think of keyword PPC programs, and that’s fairly accurate. Search PPC marketing programs like those offered by vendors such as Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN are some of the most well-known PPC programs.

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