Some times someone met you online and ask a question regarding freelancing . You replied to her in professional manner , cleared all of her doubts , Immediately she added you on hangout . Asked you for chat , During chat you get to know that she belongs to your beloved native state , A feeling of being from same state, same society and same age. You guided her for freelancing  and chat ends.

Next day again she messaged you regarding a project asking about something , You replied , she appreciated and chat end. Then regular talk started , In excitement of new friendship you started blindly trusting her ( Which is clearly your fault ) , You shared your courses details , you also promised her for better freelancing experience , better freelance guidance . Also managed to get 2-3 hours for guiding her online .

You start believing her as your best friend , She engaged in new job for next 30 days and was unable to attend your online classes , You got frustrated but you never loosed your clam and patience . You asked her for better timings or dates , She agreed to start working with you ( as assistant developer )

But she was irregular , But you hate delay , you hate irregular work , So you asked her for proper time , Every time she agreed for regular work assistance and every time she failed to make it up.

Suddenly she start ignoring you , No hello , hi messages , No whatsapp . But you keep sending projects details asking her for help ( Clearly your mistake).


Yesterday she asked me for  help on wordpress , Without wasting a second i started the work and get it done . I completed the phase 1 of her project in an hour. Also i asked her for help in my job which was pending since 18th July. She started the work around and after couple of hour work ( 1.30-2 hour) She started  throwing her anger on me, Some lines hurts alot   like ” You are asking for work like as you hired me at lakh per month salary ” “I am blocking you ” She also told her client that she cant deliver the job ( i completed the work in advance to help her).

I havn’t replied , I was clam in chat , I simply deleted her number from my phone  . My mind was stopped , I completely blackout myself. I was thinking about what goes wrong . I promised myself that i will never make online friends . If i make someone as friend  , I will never give any work to them .

Lift a glass of water and keep it down. Does your hand pain?
No, I guess.
Now lift it again, but this time hold it for 5 mins. Does your hand pain now?
Slightly, I guess.
Finally, lift the glass for an hour. This time I am sure, you wouldn’t be able to even keep it lifted for an hour and you hand pains severally.
Same goes with life.
Anything that hurts you is like a glass and your heart is in place of hand in this theory.
The longer you lift something, the harder it will hurt you. There is nothing wrong with lifting the glass but you should know when to keep it down.

I am happy to say that i have good friends from all over the world. But none of them bashed me like this. I still pray for my friend for a successful life.