Yes I am a freelancer , Yes i work from home , Yes i work hard to make money but some people unnecessary ask for extra work , some people ask for free courses , some people ask for free stuffs.

I am a freelancer but this doesn’t mean i will work for free. I have bills just like you. I pay hefty rent , I pay for internet , I pay for themes . plugins , design modules and hosting fee . I also pay my helping hands who help me in getting jobs done on time.

Still some people think freelance means free work. They ignore the fact that we (the  freelancers ) makes our living hood by doing  hard  work over 16 hours a day. Each project either it is small or big . We do all projects with same sincerity  . We treat all kinda of client same. We never discriminate between clients . Some clients pay $200 for a web project. Some pays only $100. We never compromise on work quality.

I am writing this article because i am fed up with such people. I created many free stuffs. You can access them free like this blog

I created a youtube channel , Which has over 30+ videos  Check out here . How to do effective  Freelancing by Agni Shukla

I created some free courses on udemy . I shared coupons with my youtube users. Some misused it and put them on illegal websites. Also some given bad feedbacks. All this issues forced me to stop making free courses especially on udemy.

When i get any website job I have to spend money on hosting , theme files ( on clients demand ), design work ( for logo etc). I spend time on creating work flow , thinking about design and the best way to execute job. I spend time on working on the project. Sometime i spend sleepless nights.

The profit margin is below 50% . Some clients pays well. Some asks for discounts , Overall Day by day making money is going to be hard .

Competitions from Pakistani and Bangladeshi freelancers – Bangladeshi freelancers do same job in 1/3rd amount as compare to Indians . They bid very low. They grab jobs easily  . Also i found many Bangladeshi freelancers uses their links to build up their profiles on freelancer. You may find first 10-15 reviews on Bangladeshi freelancers are  from Bangladeshi clients

Rise in third party fees– Now themes are costlier than what they were in 2014. Some talent websites raised the fee to 15%-20% per projects.  All this effects our income. Also increasing competition is killing freelancing businesses .

What should i do?

Better is to stop piracy of courses .

Stop sharing free courses to unknown peoples

Stop sharing very important and money making stuffs as  free stuffs. Share some stuffs for free for marketing  proposes .

Also those visitors who wants to learn freelancing from  me. Please dont ask for free stuffs. It really hurts. I cant help with free stuffs.

I hope you understand this. I publish 10-15 articles per month , two videos on youtube.  I am available for teaching and guiding you for freelancing. But off course not for free.