Hi Friends. Avada is number one  wordpress theme with over 200,000 sales. Recently avada launched new version 4.0  , So i found many jobs on talent website regarding this. I am sharing my work experience and the way i updated the theme .

Updating avada is very simple to do.  Follow these steps

  1. Download the latest version of avada theme ( 4.0.1 ) from themeforest website.
  2.  Take a backup of your current website. Save it in local disk . Take the backup of mysql data and save it in local disk.
  3. Now upload the new theme into wp-content >themes using ftp . You can create ftp via cpanel .
  4. After completing the upload , Click on updating fusion core . It will automatically update the avada to 4.0

Common issues during update

  1. You may found a white line in footer widget area , It is due to change in footer top border , You can find this in theme options. by default it is 12px. Make is 0 to erase the white border.
  2. Font changes are common , So update all fonts via typography options in theme option.
  3. Page title cutoff and breadcrumb in page title is also a common issue. Can be corrected via theme admin options.
  4. Upgrade failed – In this case please check with host and theme author . Common reason is improper extracting of theme files and improper updation process .
  5. Blank page is one of the common issue caused due to conflicting on plugins . In this case deactivate all plugins and then reactivate them one by one to find the culprit plugin .

How to hire a perfect freelancer for this job

  1. Hire freelancers from upwork , You may find many freelancers with similar work experience .
  2. You will get quotes from $20- $100 , Depending upon freelancer’s experience and location .
  3. You can try freelancers from other websites or hire local freelancer.

Job duration – 4 hours maximum for any expert freelancer.  6 hours for any less experienced freelancer.

How to take backup of website – You can take backup via cpanel , many hosting companies provides backup services , or you can take manual backup of the website . You can read my article about  how to take manual backup of your website . 

Why to upgrade Avada

Any wordpress theme and plugin becomes more vulnerable to potential threats like virus , malware of hack , if it doesn’t updated for a long time.  Avada is been used by over million websites. So Avada author team works hard for making it more effective , fixing the bugs and issues raised by their customers.