Plugins helps in enhancing website features and performance. Many premium themes comes with pre packaged WordPress plugins. As you started learning more and more about WordPress , You soon realize that some plugins weren’t the best fit for you.
Its essential to deactivate and delete unused plugins . In this article we will learn about uninstalling WordPress plugin in a proper way.
Now the first thing comes into our mind is How to decide which plugin is not useful for the website , There are thousands of plugin in WordPress . Our website requires only few. It is also important to uninstall the any plugin that you don’t want to use . Plugins are like apps , In your mobile apps gives you great services and features , many apps perform same task but we install only the best one . Similarly there are many plugins for same purpose , All we need is the best one , Useless plugins or the plugins not in use effect your website badly . It increases load on servers , Backups and also on performance of website. So to keep our website safe and secure, First check the functionality provided by plugins. For this click on plugin details on website . If you think the functionality provided by plugin is not necessary for your blog or website, you can uninstall it .

Difference between Deactivating and Uninstalling the plugin.

Deactivating : Deactivating plugin can be done simply by visiting the plugin page ( WP admin> Plugin>Installed Plugins. But deactivating plugins is just keeping files and configuration on server . Inactive plugins using on your site can be a potential liability. Some plugin files can make your website possibility of being attacked because it can still be used to execute malicious codes on your website.


plugin inactive

Its is recommended to inactivate the plugin only if you want to disable it for short span of time.  You you are not willing to reactivate it , Its better to uninstall the plugin properly .  By properly uninstalling the plugin you are going to keep your website safe and also cleaning websites junk data.

You can reinstall plugin anytime , So there is win win situation .

How to Uninstall a WordPress Plugin

Its very easy to uninstall WordPress plugin from your website . Simply go to plugin admin area , Click on Deactivate link below the plugin you want to uninstall , Then you will see 3 options below the deactivated plugins ( Activate , Edit , Delete ) Click on Delete option . Now you will see this kinda option ( shown in image below)


Click on Yes , delete these files .Hence you uninstalled the plugin properly .Now Some plugins use shortcodes , You have to remove the shortcodes from pages , posts . You can do this manually or by adding this code

add_shortcode( 'pluginshortcode', '__return_false' );

In themes function.php file.

You can also deactivate plugins via ftp , If you lost access to admin of the wordpress website ( Caused by activating any malicious plugin) by simply changing the name of plugin . For example if you want to deactivate BuddyPress from your website . You have to rename it to something like BuddyPress.nil etc.

Always deactivate all plugins by changing their folder name and try to activate one by one after logging into your website . To check the Malicious plugin causing error in admin access of website.

You can delete plugins directly from ftp or Cpanel.

Conclusion : All plugins in WordPress Plugin repository are safe to use. WordPress automatically notify you every time Plugin file get updated. Always keep your plugins updated. Always uninstall the un used plugins.

I used akismet for refrence only , Akismet is wonderful plugin . We are also using it.