Joomla is very decent Content Management Software . Over 5 million websites uses Joomla as CMS. Many people uses Joomla as blogging platform or for their websites. Joomla is easy to use but definitely not for everyone .

You often heard a lot of people talking about ease of use and seo friendly functionality of WordPress.  So many people migrates from Joomla to WordPress. But they fear about consequences of moving to different platform , Like loosing articles and media.

Here i am telling you the best way to migrate joomla to WordPress without loosing a single word from contents.

First thing Login to your Joomla Website’s administration area , Under Global Configuration server tab you will database settings . Download  database settings.  The database information is also stored in Joomla website’s root folder in a file named configuration.php . For accessing website’s root folder you have to use ftp client (like filezilla) For copying database you can open configuration.php in a text editor like notepad.

Second Thing is to choose the best WordPress host and installing WordPress latest version. Once you have your WordPress installation done and running. Go to WordPress Admin area , To install a plugin name FC Joomla to WordPress and activate it.

After activating plugin , Go to Tools > Import. You will see Joomla FG tool along with you will see long list of import tools available for your WordPress installation.

Now you have open the Joomla Importer for WordPress page by clicking on Joomla FG tool . On this page, you need to provide your Joomla website and database information. As we downloaded the database information  provide it to Joomla FG and scroll to “Behavior” . For moving images , videos and other media files from Joomla to WordPress You have to check force media import option and after this finally click on “Import content from Joomla to WordPress” button.

Depending upon size of content , Plugin may take few minutes to import all contents from Joomla to WordPress. Plugin runs a script that allow us to import contents from Joomla to WordPress. Once you imported all contents  the next important step is fixing broken internal links.

For Fixing internal broken links

Scroll down to the bottom of the Joomla (FG) importer page and click on Modify internal links button. Its easy to fix internal broken links.

Some Common Errors in Moving Joomla to WordPress by using Joomla (FG) Importer.
Fatal Error : Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2348617 bytes) in /home4/xxx/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line xxx

How to fix fatal error : First open your wp-config.php which is located in the root WordPress directory. Then add the following line inside the main php tag: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '32M'); This will increase memory limit to 32M.

Second most common error is Error in database connection . To fix it check your database settings.

Sometimes importing media may not work because your web host may have disabled allow_url_fopen directive in php.ini.

Conclusion : Moving from one platform to other like Joomla to WordPress is easy . I hope this article will help you in moving Joomla to WordPress.