I remember , I started my journey as full time freelancer in August 2012 , I was living in saket , in a 1bhk room , Rent in saket  is much higher . I was paying Rs9000 per month as rent , other expenditures including food , internet ( i was using idea net setter ), water makes it Rs 15000 per month .

I was jobless , was new freelancer , Making only Rs 8000 per month ( in August 2012).  I was struggling on bids , i was  struggling for projects , There was no hope for me.  I was cursing my self for quitting the job. But there was a ray of hope , I was working well on all jobs awarded to me by my clients .  It was a new experience and my clients always praise my work.

I started giving 4-5 hours per day for freelancing , Soon i was making  enough money to survive in saket  . I shifted to other flat , Having little much higher rent  But it was connected with high speed internet ( 2mbps ) .  I got a stable unlimited internet  , I started working at night.

By the end of 2012 , I was a rising talent on freelancer.  Was making a handsome money. But it ruined my social life. I stopped walking , I start to spend my time in surfing , doing jobs and eating a lot of junk food.

I gained over 20 kg extra weight till 2015. When i realized that i did very wrong in distraction of freelancer. I lost my friends , I lost my fit body .

I started concentrating on other stuffs like listening songs , watching tmkoc , discovery shows on youtube.  All this help me in getting a new life. A better social life. I  am reconnecting to my friends.

How to save social life as freelancer –

Plan your working hours ,  Once you establish yourself as reputed , reliable freelancer , You can fix your working hours.  Ideal working hours for freelancer is 2pm- 4pm , 8pm- 3am except saturday and sunday.

In this way you will save enough time for your friends , hangouts and exercise.  Always take a power nap in between works. It will help you in increasing  concentration.

Eat healthy food , Avoid food at late night , Always prefer black tea or black coffee over food  during late working hours. Have your dinner around 9 pm and a cup of coffee around 1am , This will help you in maintaining weight and sugar level , Eating junk food like chips , samosa , bread is not recommended .

Always prefer skype or whatsapp on phone instead on laptop, Avoid long working hours. Working on laptop for long hours may cause pain in eyes.

I have written an article Top 5 places to find work . These are reliable places to work. Most of the freelancers prefer these websites .

Never work with unknown clients , Never work over time ( if it is not an urgent project ). Always do yoga in morning.  Yoga is the best way to relax.

If you live in Delhi or metro cities , Always visit shopping malls, public parks on weekends. Dont end your social life. Enjoy it. Money is important but social life is much more important.