Subscription form in Avada theme using contact form 7

[email your-email placeholder "Insert your email"]
[submit "Send"]

Quote form for ecommerce website , Using woocommerce – quote request or enquiry plugin or woocommerce request quote plugin using contact form 7
This Contact form 7 contents Address field, Date range picker , adding attachments to contact form 7 . Adding dropdown in contact form 7 , adding countries in contact form 7 , adding type of transport ( for ecommerce in contact form 7. This form help you in achieving the targets.

Country *
[select* coountry "Belgium" "France" "Netherland"]

[text* text-248 placeholder "House"]

[text* text-248 placeholder "Street"]

[text* text-248 placeholder "State"]

[text* text-248 placeholder "ZipCode"]


Transport Method *
[select* Transport "eigen transport" "verzenden+retour" "enkel verzenden" "enkel retour"]

Start date charter*:
[date* date-start date-format:MM_d_yy]

End date charter*:
[date* date-end date-format:MM_d_yy]

[captchac captcha-1] [captchar captcha-1]

[submit "Get Quote"]

[enqproducts_list products-list-disp]
[enqproducts_field products-list]

If you want to insert form within contact form 7 them use this code
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

laptop-headphone-ordering-form= The form you have to replace the form name from yours.

Creating two column form

First name [text first-name]
Email [email* your-email]

Subject [text* your-subject]
Message [textarea* your-message]
[submit "Send"]

I will add more type of forms