I started working as freelancer in August 2012. Freelancer is one of the best place to work online and making money legally .

But not all freelancers are successful. Many full time freelancers are struggling in  making good money. I earned six digits money on freelancer. So i am sharing my tips for fellow freelancers.

  1.  Work hard and on reasonable budget till first 30 reviews. Always maintain 5 star rating. First 30 reviews are good to start. 30 reviews shows that you have now good experience on freelancer.com . Always try to work beyond the expectations of Your client deliver him the best work. Always try to bid on avg budget of $30-$100. Never bid on projects less than $30 , Freelancer ranks you on the average volume of project done by you.
  2. After 30 projects , Start choosing selective projects. Keep your and team’s ability to do the work and related skills in considerations . Never bid on unfeasible project , Never bid on under budget project , Never bid on fake projects. Always bid on reputed projects and keep following your old clients . Always bid on previous employers projects. Your chances to win the job will increase.
  3.  Build the team. Build a team of designer , Developer , Network administrator . Never include more than 2 members. Create one online portfolio . Include all website , graphics on your portfolio . Keep your portfolio informative and updated. Never share your portfolio url directly with client as it violets freelancer.com agreement. You can also add portfolio on freelancer.com profile. Always select to work with experienced friend.
  4. Set a target –  Always set a target , How much i have to make day by day. Target of $100-$150 per day is the best and feasible , Keep patience while bidding , Bids are costlier, so use them wisely.  Never depend on since website . Always keep searching for other reliable options like pph and upwork. Always calculate average earning weekly. Remember Many clients opt for weekends holidays. So Working days are Monday- Friday.
  5. Trust- Trust is important part. Always trust your partners. Trust build up teams. Always behave generously with all team members.  Share the work as per skills . Anger always spoil the pleasure so always respect your team members and enjoy the work.


Conclusion – On average a freelancer makes $200 -$300 per month . By following my ideas You can make around $1500 per month.  There is no shortcut to success. These 5 ways takes time as first 30 reviews may take 6-9 months.  For more tutorials visit my youtube channel .

This is my youtube video about the 5 Ways To Make More Money on freelancer , Audio is in Hindi. I hope you will like it. Kindly comment here or on video.