I quit my salaried job in July 2012. I was web developer cum Tech support executive for one reputed pc support software company. It was short term job . I spent 45 days in office and got paid Rs 16500 only . Means Rs350 per day.  I was not saving anything and was fully dependent on my parents for money .  So i quit my salaried job and started full time freelancing , I opt for freelancer.com . I calculated my monthly expenses After adding in rent, food , travel expenses and savings target , I sum all my numbers and divided with sum of working hours possible ,  split out the hourly fee I should charge. It comes around $15 per hour. means Rs600 ( in 2012) per hours. I know no one in India will pay me this price.  But i have no options left. I started bidding on freelancer. As i was new I don’t knew how to bid. I always write huge proposals and every time they ( clients) reject my proposal .

I searched , How to get 1st project on freelancer. I found few articles . I followed them and start bidding in new style . Here is the free udemy course about How to Bid on freelancer.  After struggling for a month .On 17th August 2012 , I got my 1st freelancer job from USA based client named George Allen aka singapito. He offered me $7.5 for theme installation . I installed theme and delivered project. Same client hired me 7 times in next 3 months.  He hired me for many offline jobs too.  He paid me on freelancer and also on paypal.  I worked hard and within 1 years i was one of the successful and high rated freelancer. Over 100+ reviews and 5 star ratings on elance and odesk.com apart from 4.9 rating on freelancer. I started earning $600-$700 per month , Which rise to $3000 per month in 2014.


I’ve been freelancing for 3 year and a half now, I always like to work from home. I make my living via freelancing , I stopped working on freelancer but i do freelancing via my website and some other platforms. So I am sharing 5 things that i have learned after becoming full time freelancer.

Irregular Payments , Long working hours :  There is no fix working hours in freelancing . It depends how much time you take to complete the job. Some time a small website creation can take 4-5 hours or may be full working day. But you will be paid for fixed price. Hourly jobs are not different than fixed payment jobs. In hourly jobs you are not going to get paid for thinking , You will be paid only for execution time.


Sleepless life : If you are based in India then you have to face many sleepless nights. As many client’s are based in USA , Canada or Australia huge time difference will force you to work at nights.  From last 3 years and half , I hardly sleep in night. Sleepless nights are dangerous for health,  Make a habit of doing Yoga or exercise , Taking at least 6.5 hour nap daily .

Save Money in advance : Although you are working independently but you are at your client’s will . There is no job security on freelancer. Chances of long term projects are rare. You will get paid only after completion of job. Getting regular projects  depends on your luck. So Always tend to save money. Always keep money of atleast 3 month expenses in advance .

No respect in Society : In Indian society freelancers treated as unemployed . There is no respect for freelancers . It’s bitter truth but reality  , Many freelancers never tell their parents about their profession. As parent prefer salaried jobs instead of irregular freelancing jobs.

Not all things are bad, There is unlimited fun in freelancing : I enjoy freelancing as i love my work.  Always love your work whether you are developer , graphic designer or writer.  If you love your work then Freelancing is the best job for you.

Conclusion :  Before moving towards full time freelancing think twice. If you are able to scarifies your sleep , Your job and ready to become your own boss then sign up for freelancer.