When i learned WordPress , Elegant themes was my first premium theme subscription .  Elegant theme serves over 317,000 customers with 87 themes ready to download. Here are 10 benefits of using Elegant themes over any other premium theme provider.


  1. Elegant themes are lite and website made with elegant themes loads faster than website made on some of the best premium themes. ( I used same server , same internet connection to test)
  2. Elegant themes membership cost is only $69 . One themeforest theme costs you around $60. Here you will get 87 themes within cost of one premium theme. All themes are at par with themeforest themes .
  3. Elegant theme offers all kinda themes , They have Ecommerce themes , Bloging theme , business website themes , affiliate marketing theme.
  4. Elegant theme support is one of the best among all premium theme sellers. A huge forum with expert team helps each customer without any discrimination .
  5. All Elegant theme are SEO friendly , All themes can controlled by a epanel . You can add logo , create homepage slider using same epanel.
  6. Customization of Elegant themes is very easy to do. You can customize color , background easily via epanel.
  7. Elegant Theme Also offers Plugins
  8. They offers 6 plugins . All plugins are available with developer package which cost $89 ( theme+ plugin)
  9. Elegant theme offers 3 kinda memberships . Personal , Developer and Life time.
  10. You can use elegant themes on any number of websites. They don’t restrict the usage of theme. You can install single theme on multiple website which is unique thing. As nobody offers such a huge number of theme at cost of one and with multiple site usage licence . It is free to use elegant themes to build websites for your clients. they love providing developers with beautiful and functional design choices for their clients!

Elegant themes gives no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of your purchase. If you are not satisfied with their product, then simply send them an email and they will refund your purchase right away.

Best Elegant Theme : Divi theme of elegant themes comes with 46 inbuilt  modules its one of the smartest wordpress theme.  Each module comes with options that allow you to quickly adjust relevant settings, controlling the content and the design of the module with ease. There is nothing you can’t do with Divi and its collection of ultra-customizable modules.

Conclusion – If you are new developer or Working as freelancer then buying elegant themes is the best option than buying single themes on other market places.  Elegant theme forum will help you in sharping your coding knowledge. Their forum moderators are very quick to response , They have moderators from round the globe. Also they publish few themes per year , so you will get 2-3 extra themes during your membership . It will save your precious money as you will get 87 different themes at cost of one theme.  On average you save $ 4281 by buying elegant themes over other premium themes. ( average cost of premium wordpress theme is assumed to be $50 ).